What people are saying about the new album, “This Way”

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“Tom’s versatile keyboards and woodwinds (including soprano, tenor, alto and baritone sax) are just what’s needed to come to full awakening. Joining Tom are Thom Rotella on guitar, Trey Henry on bass and Ralph Humphreys on drums, and on tunes like ‘Secret Heart’, it becomes clear to the listener that these are fully accomplished players who love creating great music together.”

Contemporary Fusion Reviews by Dick Metcalf

“Aside from his catchy, lighthearted melodies and the unique way he builds emotional momentum over the expanse of a song, perhaps the most remarkable aspect of Ranier’s artistry is the array of instruments he displays mastery of throughout… Ranier is a storyteller at heart, creating narratives that individually and collectively take us on a fascinating journey. When he tells us to go ‘This Way,’ we best listen.”

JW Vibe by Jonathan Widran

“Known as being one of the first call studio piano guys as well as a sideman for guys like Eddie Daniels or Terry Gibbs and Buddy De Franco, Tom Ranier goes smooth, sleek and upscale on this album with Trey Henry/b, Ralph Humphrey/dr and Thom Rotella/g. Besides piano and keyboards, Ranier shows his prowess on various reed instruments, while mostly in a background role, but up front on his clever and bohemian ‘Circle’ where the clarinet creates Left Bank shots. Henry lays down some funky soul lines on the Weather Reportish ‘This Way’ and delivers a nice solo on the uptown and classy ‘Trio Vision’, while sophisticated swing is delivered on ‘Blue Area’ [sic] and the samba’d ‘Yes, Kloose’. He recasts the bossa classic ‘Desafinado’ and gives it a synthy layer, while his keys sparkle on Randy Brecker’s ‘Secret Heart’. Suit and tie swing.”

Jazz Weekly by George W. Harris

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“Tom Ranier is a truly gifted multi-talented musician. His work is superb throughout … writing liner notes for this album has been a study for me in how many ways I can say – SUPERB.”

Buddy DeFranco, clarinetist, liner notes to “In The Still of the Night”

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